If your child is involved in a juvenile justice/delinquency case that means that he or she is accused of breaking the law. The court will consider the age of your child, the seriousness of the crime, and the child’s juvenile record, if any.

The court may order that:

  • Your child live with you under court supervision.
  • Your child be placed on probation.
  • Your child's welfare requires removal form the home and placement in a resource family home, group home or short term residential treatment placement (STRTP).
  • Your child be sent to the Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility or the Youthful Offender Treatment Program at Juvenile Hall.
  • Your child be committed to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) until July 1, 2021. If your child's case is transferred to adult court, he or she could be sentenced to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Adult Operations (CDCR).

If your child is committed to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of the Juvenile Justice (DJJ), he or he will initially be placed in a “reception center” for the first 30 to 90 days, in order to assess the particular educational and treatment needs of your child. Afterward, your child will be sent to a designated correctional facility or youth camp.

Parental responsibility when your child is arrested:

As a parent (or guardian) you have certain legal responsibilities.

  • You may have to pay the victim if the court orders restitution. Restitution is money owed to the victim to compensate for losses or damage caused by your child's conduct. For example, you may have to pay for the replacement value of stolen items, or for the victim’s medical bills or lost wages.
  • If your child is adjudged a ward of the court, you can also ask the probation officer where to get help and additional resources. You can also seek help from your local school district, hospital, or the county mental health department. All minors are entitled to legal representation by court appointed attorneys.