In an attempt to avoid protracted, costly and unnecessary discovery disputes, the following Departments offer participation in the Discovery Facilitator Program prior to filing a motion in Court to compel discovery in certain discovery disputes. Please see Local Rules of Court, Rule 3.300, et seq. The Discovery Facilitator Program is no longer mandatory, but the Court encourages participation and will, where possible, provide calendar preference to motions from those parties who have engaged the Program


  • Department 9 - Hon. John Devine
  • Department 12 – Hon. Charles S Treat
  • Department 18 - Hon. Danielle Douglas
  • Department 21 – Hon. Jill Fannin
  • Department 36 – Hon. Clare Maier
  • Department 57 - Hon. Gina Dashman


  • Department 15 – Hon. Susanne Fenstermacher
  • Department 30 – Hon. Virginia M. George

Please email your request for Discovery Facilitator to: