• Probate is when the court supervises the distribution of a person’s assets and payment of the person’s debts after their death. For information relating to wills, trusts and estates please call (925) 608-2613.

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  • Conservatorship is when a judge determines, through a court process, that an adult person cannot take care of himself/herself or their finances and appoints a conservator

Senior Self-Help Clinic Assistance:

  • Attorneys are available to provide assistance to petitioners over the age of 60 who are filing for conservatorship. The assistance is provided every Tuesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 751 Pine Street, Martinez, 2nd Floor Conference Room. Please call (925) 608-2119 for an appointment.

Conservatorship Workshop:

  • The Conservatorship Workshop covers the responsibilities of a conservatorship of the person and of the estate. The court requires that persons appointed as conservators, except for professional fiduciaries, complete this workshop. Workshop attendees MUST register in advance. Please call the Contra Costa County Law Library at (925) 646-2783 to register and receive additional information.Click here for a schedule of Conservatorship workshop.

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  • Guardianship is when the court gives someone, who is not the child’s parent, legal and physical custody of a child or the right to control a child’s property, or both.

Probate Facilitator Assistance:

  • Probate Facilitator Assistance: The Probate Facilitator is an attorney employed by the court to assist parties who represent themselves and who seek guardianship of a person only (NO ESTATE). The Probate Facilitator conducts workshops where he assists in completing petitions for guardianship of a person only (NO ESTATE). Workshop attendees MUST register in advance. To register for a workshop, send an email to: or call (925) 608-2066.Click here for a schedule of workshops on Guardianship of the Person

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