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You will need a copy of the English-language Judicial Council form DV-200 to follow these instructions. Also:

Filling out the Caption on your form

Leave Blank. The clerk will stamp this area when the form is filed.
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF” – write the name of the County where you are filing your case. Click here for location of courts.
Case Number: Write in the case number.

Filling out the rest of your form

Proof of Service (In Person)

This form shows the judge and law enforcement officers that the other party has been properly served, and that the court hearing can continue — even if the other party is not at the hearing.

Be sure that you always have a copy of this Proof of Service (in Person) and your Temporary Restraining Order. This is important, because it will help a police officer or sheriff’s deputy to enforce your Temporary Restraining Order.


Write the name of the person applying for the Restraining Order (Protected Person).


Write the name of the person the judge is being asked to restrain (Restrained Person).


The person who is going to serve the documents should read these notices and instructions on how to fill in this form.


The person who served the documents needs to let the court know what forms they served on the Restrained Person.

a. - g. Check the boxes next to each of the court forms that were given to the Restrained Person. If documents were served that are not listed here, then mark box h. and write in the name of the other forms.


The person who served the forms should write in details of what they did.

  1. The date they handed the forms to the Restrained Person.
  2. The time they gave him or her the forms (check the box in front of a.m. if the forms were served in the morning. Check the box in from of p.m. if the forms were served in the afternoon, evening or night.).
  3. The place where the forms were served.


Write the name, address and telephone number of the person who served the court forms. If the person who actually served the forms was a professional process server, then he or she should also write the county where they are registered to serve and their process serving registration number.


The person who served the forms signs and dates this form here under penalty of perjury that they did give the papers to the Restrained Person, and that everything they have said in this form is true and correct.

Once the server has signed this form, it must be filed at the courthouse. If you do not have time to file it before your court hearing, make 3 copies of this form and bring it with you to court. The judge will ask to see this form and you must be ready to show a copy of this form to the other person.