Court Ordered Debt - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Court Ordered Debt Program (COD)?

In an effort to reduce the amount of court-ordered debt, the California Legislature allowed the Franchise Tax Board and Courts to form partnerships to collect court-ordered debts. The COD Program is authorized under Section 19280 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code. When a Court refers cases to the COD program, they will first mail you a demand for payment.  If the debt is not resolved within 10 days, COD has the administrative authority to locate your assets, garnish your wages, levy against your bank accounts, seize both real and personal property, such as land, cash, safe deposit boxes, vehicles and boats to collect the court ordered debt. 

Why is the COD collecting my fines, fees and/or restitution owed to the Superior Court in Contra Costa County? 

The COD is collecting because your account has become delinquent. Criminal fines and fees are separated by Condition of Probation and Not a Condition of Probation. Those fines and fees that are not a Condition of Probation can become delinquent and qualify for the COD Program. 

Who do I contact if I have specific questions regarding my account?

COD cannot provide information regarding your account.  You must contact AllianceOne at (877) 541-8420.