Private Mediation

Private mediation works in a similar way as judicial mediation, but the parties do not go through the ADR Programs Office. In this process, an independent person (the mediator) helps people who are having a dispute talk about ways they can make an agreement that will settle the case. Parties choose a private mediator or program provider, and pay the mediator's normal fees.

 If the Court has referred your case to the Court ADR Programs Office and you decide to use a private mediator,  you must notify the court of your choice to use private ADR. To use private mediation,  send a letter to the court, and provide a copy of that letter to the ADR Programs Office.

For a list of ADR providers visit Community ADR Programs. Many Superior Court ADR Panel Members also have private ADR practices. You can find more information on ADR Panel Members by visiting the Panel Member Database.  When contacting mediators from the Court Panel for private mediation, please advise them that your matter is for private mediation and not referred by the court.


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