Mediation Worksheet

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Prior to the mediation session you may find it helpful to create a worksheet for yourself. The process of making the lists and answering the questions may help you become clear about your approach to resolving the dispute. For a printer-friendly version of this Mediation Worksheet, click here

First, list:

  • the details, dates, and events in your dispute. Next to each item note documents and/or persons involved.  
  • your interests or needs in this dispute, including financial and emotional etc.  
  • the interests or needs of the other people involved. 
  • areas where you agree, or are close to agreement. 
  • all possible ideas you have that might satisfy all sides (consider ideas that do not involve money, be creative).

Then, answer:

  • Why is it important for you to resolve this dispute?  What will you gain?  What will you avoid?
  • Why is it important for the other people involved to resolve this dispute?  What will they gain? What will they avoid? 
  • List the consequences of not resolving the dispute at mediation (legal costs, loss of time from work and family, emotional stress etc.).

Bring your lists to the mediation and refer to them as you negotiate.



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