REPORTS 2011-2012

The Contra Costa County Civil Grand Jury is annually impaneled to investigate city and county governments, special districts and certain nonprofit corporations to ensure functions are performed in a lawful, economical and efficient manner. Recommendations resulting from these investigations are listed.

In accordance with Section 933(c) of the California Penal Code, the governing body of a public agency or its designated administrator must respond to these recommendations to the presiding judge within ninety (90) days; and elected officials must respond to the recommendations within sixty (60) days. These responses are a matter of public record and are available, upon request, from the clerk of the Superior Court.


          - Additional Compliance Responses
1202  Fire Protection - What Can You Afford?
          - East Contra Costa Fire Protection District Response
1203  Deferred Maintenance - How Much Longer Can It Be Deferred?
          - CCC Board Of Supervisors Response
1204  Education Board Compensation - Leading by Example
          - School Board Responses
1205  Animal Shelters In Contra Costa County - Tails of Two Shelters
          - City of Antioch and CCC Board of Supervisors Responses
1206  Rollingwood-Wilart Park Recreation and Park District - Who's Minding The Store?
          - Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission Response
1207  In-Home Support Services, Home Alone
          - CCC Board of Supervisors Response
1208  School Bond Oversight Committees - Raising The Bar
          - School Board Responses
1209  City Retirement Plan - An Unsustainable Benefit?
          - City Responses
1210  Voluntary Inmate Labor - A Lost Opportunity; Cooperation and Common Sense
          - CCC Office of the Sheriff Response
1211  Contra Costa County Fire Protection and Emergency Response Services - 
          Leveraging Combined Strengths to Address Individual Weaknesses
          - CCC Board of Supervisors, LAFCO, and Fire District Responses
1212  Help for the Homeless
          - CCC Board of Supervisors Response
1213  Financial Transparency with Meaning - So far, so good... or maybe not
          - City Responses
1214  Employee Evaluation and Recognition - Time to Stop Talking and Take Action
          - CCC Board of Supervisors Response
1215  Help Wanted - Appointed Bodies - The County Wants You!
          - CCC Board of Supervisors Response
1216  Operational Effectiveness - A Path to Improvement
          - CCC Board of Supervisors Response

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