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Consistent with California Rules of Court Rule 3.670 and Local Rules 5 (1) and 7 (d), parties can sometimes participate in their court hearing by telephone. The guidelines for these appearances are organized by case type or court location:

Branch Courts
(Richmond, Pittsburg, Walnut Creek)
  • OK for all Case Management Conferences unless directed otherwise by the court.
  • Contact department for any other hearings
  • Not available without Court permission.
Family Law
  • OK for all Case Management Conferences and non-evidentiary hearings
  • Generally not available for settlement conferences or trial
  • Contact department for any other hearings
Family Law –
Child Support
  • Allowed for short cause hearings not involving extensive testimony or credibility determinations if parties are in continental U.S.
  • Parties fill out and file FL-679 form no later than 12 days before the hearing
  • Contact department for permission for any other hearings
  • When telephone party is in continental U.S., they must be on standby for the duration for the court calendar. The court will initiate the call.
  • When the telephone party is outside of the continental U.S. the parties may initiate the call via CourtCall.
  • Personal appearances are required for any hearing requiring extensive testimony.
  • Not generally available
  • OK for most court appearances
  • Requirements for personal appearance at a hearing may be included in a tentative ruling

To participate in your court hearing by telephone, parties must use CourtCall®. They can be reached Monday–Friday 5:00 am to 5:30 pm as follows:

By phone: (888-882-6878) or (310) 342-0888

By fax: (888) 883-2946 or (310) 743-1850

You must arrange your CourtCall® at least 5 days before your hearing. You must also:

  • Prepare and serve a CourtCall® Request for Telephone Appearance
  • Pay $86 for each CourtCall® appearance.
  • Dial the courtroom’s dedicated toll free teleconference number and access code (information will be supplied by CourtCall®) 5 minutes before the scheduled hearing time.



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