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Judicial Administrative Records Requests:

Rule 10.500 of the California Rules of Court allows members of the public to ask for certain kinds of information or administrative records from state trial courts. This rule:

  • Applies to public access to judicial administrative records, including records of budget and management information relating to the administration of the courts.
  • Does not apply to, modify or otherwise affect existing law regarding public access to adjudicative (case-related) records.
  • Does not affect the rights of litigants, including parties to administrative proceedings, under the laws of discovery of this state, nor does it limit or impair any rights of discovery in a criminal case.
  • May result in a fee for gathering information and reproducing documents.

We take pride in responding to these requests promptly. Please tell us as much as you can about what you are looking for, and tell us how we can reach you (including by email.)

Media Request Forms:

Martinez  Civil (925) 957-5795
 Criminal (925) 957-5686 or (925) 957-5687
 Juvenile (925) 957-5688
 Family Law (925) 957-7870
Richmond  Civil (510) 965-4064
   Criminal (510) 965-4062
Pittsburg  All cases types (925) 431-4686

Media Request forms must be submitted at least 5 court days before the date they want to photograph, record, or broadcast within the courthouse, unless there is good cause to allow less time. These requests can be faxed to the clerk's office where the case is being heard.



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