What do I do to Enforce my Agreement or Judgment?

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Any form of ADR may result in a resolution, settlement, or (in the case of judicial arbitration) a judgment on the arbitration award. Winning in court, or settling the case in ADR, does not guarantee you will receive your money or property. The court will not collect the money for you.

The court will, however, issue the orders and other documents that will help you to force the person who owes you money or property to pay or give you your property. Even with the court's help, you may still not receive your money or property because the other person may not have money or property of value to give you.

Where can I find help?

Enforcing a written settlement or judgment can be complicated. The defendant(s) may not voluntarily pay the settlement or judgment. You may wish to consult an attorney or a collection agency for help.

Often people find they need expert help to understand how to enforce a settlement or court judgment. The Contra Costa County Bar Association (CCCBA) can help you find lawyers who are willing to help you with the enforcement of your settlement or judgment. This type of limited representation is called "unbundling". It can make working with a lawyer more affordable.

The following websites help people understand options available to enforcement of judgments/settlements:



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