Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Invitations for Bid (IFB)

In general, each Request for Proposal or Request for Quote includes:

  • a request/invitation to respond to the solicitation;
  • a description of the needed product and/or service;
  • key event dates (pre-proposal conference, closing date, etc.);
  • question submittal and proposal deadlines; and
  • contractual terms and conditions.

Please be sure to check this website periodically for revised information affecting listed RFPs/IFBs and new bid opportunities, notice(s) of intent to award, and recent RFP/IFB awards.

You can also visit our Notice of Intent to Award bulletin board located on the first floor at the Main Street entrance of the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse at 725 Court Street, Martinez, CA.

Open Requests (RFP) and Invitations (IFB):

No. Release Date Proposal/Invitation # Name
1 6/17/14 RFP 74 Security Systems Maintenance
2 8/15/14 RFP 84

Mentoring Services - Recovery and Reentry Court Program

NOTIFICATION of Time & Conference Room # change



Notice of Intent to Award Bid Contract:

No. Release Date Proposal/Invitation # Name



Notice of Contract Awards where total value in the initial term is over $400,000:

No. Release Date Proposal/Invitation # Name


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