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The ADR program will provide you with a current list of service providers with expertise relevant to the type of case you have filed. You may Call the ADR office to get a list by fax, or visit the ADR Office to pick up a current list.

If you cannot find a member's name on the current list you receive from the ADR programs office, he or she may not be available at that time to do Court referred or stipulated mediations. You can get more information on each panel member on the most current list
in the:

ADR Panel Member Database

The ADR program also makes more comprehensive information about panel members available in the ADR Program Department (Mediation Window, 751 Pine Street, Martinez.)

IMPORTANT! Our panel members have agreed to provide certain ADR services at a reduced rate only when it is referred by a judge, or the parties have asked for ADR in a stipulation. If you go through the ADR program to set up the mediation, arbitration, or neutral case evaluation part of your court case, the office will send the panel member a Notice of Appointment. If the panel member does not have a Notice of Appointment from this office because it is not a court-connected case, the panel member is entitled to charge their regular fees for these services.




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