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The Contra Costa Superior Court ADR Program maintains a panel of neutrals who meet certain qualifications, and can help people settle their cases before trial

Lists of neutrals for each process such as mediation, arbitration, etc. are available from the ADR Program office. Lists are further refined for limited or unlimited jurisdiction and for each case type such as motor vehicle personal injury or breach of contract.  It is best to obtain current lists from the ADR Program office, as member availability  changes.

IMPORTANT!  Our panel members have agreed to provide certain ADR services at a reduced rate only when it is a court-connected case. If you contact the ADR program to set up mediation, arbitration, or neutral case evaluation of your court case, the office will send the panel member a notice of appointment. If the panel member does not have a notice of appointment from this office because it is not a court-connected case, the panel member is entitled to charge their regular fees for these services.

All ADR panel members understand and meet the training, education, and experience requirements for particular ADR panels (such as mediation, arbitration, etc.). People interested in serving on the court’s ADR panel must complete and submit all required forms, and update their panel member information as changes occur. If selected, panel members must obey all of the court's Ethical and Practice Standards listed in section seven of these rules (Local Court Rules – 3.300 and 3.301, page 68-72)





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