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In California, small claims court resolves cases that deal most often with money.  These cases involve the following amounts:

  • $10,000 or less, if the person suing is an individual or sole proprietorship;
  • $7,500 or less, if the case is about a person who was injured in a car accident and the owner and/or driver of the car was insured;
  • $5,000 or less, if the case is filed by businesses [other than sole proprietorships] or by government agencies.

NOTE:  If the claim is for more than the amount allowed in small claims court, the person or business may sue in the civil division of the trial court.

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Watch a video about "Resolving Your Small Claims Case in the California Courts" with information about procedures, advisory services, and mediation for small claims cases. Available with English, Spanish, and Russian narration and subtitles.



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