What the Family Law Facilitator CAN and CANNOT Do


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Staff in the Office of the Family Law Facilitator can provide procedural assistance to help you represent yourself in your court case. In order to use the service, you have to be self-represented (without a lawyer).

Family Law Facilitators are not your attorneys; they do not represent you and there is no attorney-client relationship between you and the Family Law Facilitator. Family Law Facilitators do not give legal advice; they don’t tell you what you should do in your case and they don’t predict what might happen in your case. They provide assistance with forms and provide procedural information about the court process. Family Law Facilitators do not go to court with you. Family Law Facilitators are not responsible for the outcome of your case. If you need legal or strategic advice for your case, or if you want to be represented by an attorney, you should speak to a private attorney outside the court. Family Law Facilitator services are not confidential; court staff can work with both parties in the case.

The Family Law Facilitator CAN do the following: The Family Law Facilitator CANNOT:
Help file motions to modify child support, set payment on arrears and release your license if you have a case with DCSS Help with adoptions, guardianships, termination of parental rights, grandparent visitation or stepparent visitation, or juvenile court cases
Provide referrals to lawyer referral services, legal aid and Department of Child Support Services Help you prepare for trial or prepare an OSC Re: Contempt
Help file motions to get day care cost, health insurance, and uninsured medical costs in your DCSS case Help with name changes or other civil or criminal law issues (including bankruptcy and foreclosure issues)
Refer you to a workshop where you can get help filing motions for custody and visitation Provide tax advice for your divorce
Refer you to a workshop where you can get help starting or finishing your dissolution/legal separation case Help with subpoenas, discovery, depositions, writs of execution, levies, liens
Refer you to a workshop where you can get help opening your paternity case Help you to file an appeal, motion for reconsideration, motion for new trial, motion to vacate judgment
Refer you to a workshop if you need help filing a motion for spousal support, attorney’s fees or simple property issues Help with pension issues, complex property issues, or complex spousal support issues



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