Civil Grand Jury

   Court Administration
   725 Court Street, 4th Floor
   Martinez, CA 94553

Grand Jury Secretaries:
   Theresa Ramos
   Elisa Pantaleon

Office Hours:

8:00am - 5:00pm
(925) 957-5638
(925) 957-5628



Contra Costa County’s Grand Jury consists of 19 citizens.  A new Grand Jury is impaneled each year.  Grand Jurors are officers of the court, and function as an independent body under the guidance of a Superior Court judge.

Apart from the investigations mandated by the California Penal Code, each county’s Grand Jury decides what it will investigate.  Investigations may be initiated in response to letters from citizens, newspaper articles and personal knowledge.

Contra Costa County residents are encouraged to apply for service on their Grand Jury.  Written applications are screened for eligibility.  Then judges interview potential jurors and select citizens from each supervisorial district.  This process reduces the list to about 30 candidates.

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