You will need a copy of the English-language Judicial Council form FL-190 to follow these instructions. Also:

Filling out the Caption on your form

Attorney or Party without Attorney” - if you do not have an attorney, fill in your name, address, and telephone number.

If you would like the court to communicate with you by fax or email, you may give them that contact information, but you do not have to.

Attorney For (Name)” – if you do not have an attorney, write “self represented.”

SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF” – write the name of the County where you are filing your case. Click here for location of courts.
Petitioner” – The person that filled out the first form to start the case. Write that person’s name here.

"Respondent” – The other parent is called the Respondent. Write that person’s name here.
This is the TITLE of the form. Leave as is.
For Court Use Only” – Leave blank.
Case Number” – Write in the case number.

Filling out the rest of your form

Notice of Entry of Judgment

You are notified that… – Leave this line blank for the court to fill in.

1. - 8.

Check the box that describes the type of judgment that you are getting from the court. For example, if this form is being used together with the Judgment (Uniform Parentage–Custody and Support) (Form FL-250), check box number “6" (Parent-child relationship).

Leave the rest of the form blank for the court to fill in.