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The Judicial Council of California provides leadership for California's court system. Under the Judicial Council's direction, the judiciary will, in a fair, accessible, effective, and efficient manner, resolve disputes arising under the law and will interpret and apply the law consistently, impartially, and independently to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitutions of California and the United States.

The court strategic plan: 

  • Balances the tension between traditional court functions and demands for an expanded branch mission.
  • Develops the capacity and expertise to handle the changing composition of cases.
  • Enhances and maintains a branch-wide infrastructure.
  • Recruits and retains a highly qualified, talented workforce.

The Contra Costa Superior Court completed its 2007-2012 strategic plan. The 6 major goals identified in this plan included:

  • Access, Fairness, and Diversity
  • Independence and Accountability
  • Modernization of Management and Administration
  • Quality of Justice and Service to the Public
  • Education for Branch-wide Professional Excellence
  • Branch-wide Infrastructure for Service Excellence

Our plan expresses the court's commitment along the lines of five key themes, namely:

  • Increasing access to justice and procedural fairness for all court customers.
  • Hiring, developing, supporting, and retaining a diverse, creative, professional, and productive workforce and bench.
  • Developing and using comprehensive performance measures to facilitate effective and efficient allocation of court resources, and to refine court policies and procedures to improve operations and enhance customer service.
  • Integrating the skills, experience, and expertise of judicial officers and court personnel to develop and implement innovative solutions to
    organizational challenges.
  • Leveraging technology to increase access to justice, improve customer service, streamline court operations, expand the availability of professional training and education materials, and to track and report on court operations, case management, and implementation of our strategic plan.

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The court has three main documents that describe what we plan to do. The Strategic Plan identifies the broad goals and objectives we will accomplish over a 6-year period of time. Within the six-year Strategic Planning cycle, the court must develop 2 three-year Operational Plans. These plans begin to provide more specifics for exactly how and when different program elements will be completed. Finally, particularly complex projects are described in individual Action Plans.

The court's current plans are listed below.



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