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Family Law Facilitators provide legal assistance to self-represented parties who have Family Law questions. We are not your attorneys, and we do not represent you in any way. No attorney-client relationship is formed. This service is not confidential. If the other party in your case comes to our office, we will give him or her the same assistance that we are providing to you. If you want or need legal advice or recommendations for a personalized legal strategy, you must contact an attorney. We are not affiliated with the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). We are an independent office in the Superior Court of Contra Costa County.

There are two Family Law Facilitator Offices: click the Family Law Facilitator Flyer for office locations and hours of operation. When you come to the office in Martinez or Richmond, a Family Law Facilitator will determine whether you have an open court case in Contra Costa County, and then he or she will provide information about workshops. We provide workshops on the following Family Law issues:

  • Starting a divorce or legal separation
  • Finishing a divorce or legal separation (by appointment only)
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child and spousal support

Because so many people come to our offices for help, you may have to wait a long time for service. You should always bring all of the court papers filed in your case with you. Please do not bring children to the courthouse.

If your case is complicated, we will refer you to the Lawyer Referral Service. We cannot provide assistance for every Family Law issue that you have. For example, we do not provide assistance for: discovery, subpoenas, trial preparation, adoptions, pensions, or complicated property issues. Refer to the Family Law Facilitator Can/Cannot List for a description of the services that we can and cannot provide.

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