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2016-01-12 East County Family Law Changes
2015-10-13 Extend Hours & Restore Traffic Night Court
2015-05-20 Martinez Court Records Now Open 8am - 3pm
2015-02-24 Court Interpreter Services to be Expanded - UPDATED
2014-11-07: Court Interpreter Services to be Expanded
2014-09-22: Court Announces Four (4) Reduced Service Days
2014-08-01: New Hours for Martinez Family Law Facilitator & Self Help Center
2014-07-17: Court Invites Public Comment on Draft Local Court Rules
2014-04-29: Traffic Payment Window Hours Extended Courtwide
2014-03-28: Pittsburg Court to Extend Hours for Accepting Traffic Payments
2014-02-14: Forclosure Sales Standing Order (Amended)
2014-01-13: CORRECTION-Court Increases Clerk's Hours
2014-01-13: Court Increases Clerk's Hours
2013-11-18: Martinez Forms Window moves from Family Law Building to
Public Law Library
2013-11-15: Non-Judicial Foreclosure Sales to be Discontinued on
Courthouse Grounds
2013-10-29: Court Recognizes Volunteer Contributions
2013-10-10: Contra Costa Superior Court Appoints New CEO
2013-09-20: Gun Shots Fired at Arnason Justice Center in Pittsburg, CA
2013-08-28: Court to Adopt Baseline Budget-Corrected
2013-08-26: Court to Adopt Baseline Budget
2013-07-19: Court seeks comment: draft Local Court Rules for 1/1/2013
2013-06-19: CEO Retires
2013-05-09: Walnut Creek Courthouse Environmental Notice
2013-04-09: Free Martinez Juror Parking Ends
2013-03-29: Court seeks comment: Changes to administration of funds under
Penal Code 987
2013-03-21: Revised Local Court Rule 21 - Manner of Selecting Prospective Jurors
2012-11-30: Court Announces New Automated Phone System




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