You will need a copy of the English-language Judicial Council form DV-800 to follow these instructions. Also:

Filling out the Caption on your form

Leave Blank. The clerk will stamp this area when the form is filed.
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF” – write the name of the County where you are filing your case. Click here for location of courts.
Case Number: Write in the case number.

Filling out the rest of your form

Proof of Firearms Turned in or Sold

If you have been ordered to turn in or sell your firearms, you can do so at a local law enforcement agency or at a licensed gun dealership. If you are planning to turn in or sell your guns at either of these places, you should take this form with you. Ask the person that you turn your guns or firearms into to fill out items 4 - 6 on the form. This form should then be copied, filed with the court, and served on the other party.


Write the name of the person who wants protection from the court. This person is called the “Protected Person.”


Write the Restrained Person’s name, address, and phone number (unless you have an attorney — in that case, write your attorney’s name and address).

IMPORTANT! If you do not want others to know where you live, be sure to use a different address where you will just get mail.


Read this informational Notice.

Numbers 4 or 5, and 6, are to be filled out by the law enforcement officer or licensed gun dealer who takes your gun or firearm from you.


If guns are turned into a law enforcement officer or agency, the officer accepting the guns should fill in this box by writing the date and time that the guns or firearms were turned in, and the name of the officer who accepted the guns or firearms. The officer should then write the name of the law enforcement agency that he or she works for.

The officer will then sign the form under penalty of perjury.

Once box 4 is filled out, the officer should skip box 5 and fill in number 6.


If guns are turned into a licensed gun dealer, the gun dealer accepting the guns should fill in this box by writing the date, time and name of the gun dealer to whom the guns were sold. The gun dealer’s license number, address, and telephone number. The gun dealer must then sign the form under penalty of perjury and then go on and fill in item 6.


Here the gun dealer or law enforcement officer should write the make, model and serial number of every gun or firearm turned in or sold. There is only room to list three guns or firearms on the form. If more room is needed, check the box. Use a separate sheet of paper. At the top of the paper write “DV-800, Item 6 - Proof of Firearms Turned in or Sold.” Then write the additional information.

Once the form has been filled out and signed, make 3 copies of the form, the form and one copy of the form on the other party. The other copies you should keep for yourself. Make sure you bring a copy to your hearing.