Tax Intercept - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tax Intercept Program?

Pursuant to California State Government Code Sections 12419.8 and 12419.10, your name may be submitted to the California Franchise Tax Board if you fail to pay your court-ordered debt(s).  If you are entitled to a tax refund and/or state lottery winnings, the Tax Intercept Program will send you a notice stating the intercepted amount of your refund, and the government agency where the  refund will be directed. 

What happens if I have already paid my case in full and the court has intercepted my state tax refund?

If your case has been paid in full and your refund has been intercepted, and you do not have any other outstanding debt to Contra Costa County Superior Court, a refund check will be issued to you a minimum of 90 days from the date of the letter you received. To assist in getting your refund check faster, please make sure that the Court Collections Unit has your correct mailing address on file.

What happens if I do not owe Contra Costa County Superior Court money and my taxes were intercepted?

Immediately contact AllianceOne at (877) 541-8420 and we will research why your taxes were taken. 

What if the case number on the Tax Intercept Program letter does not match the case number that I owe monies on?

The reference number on the Tax Intercept Program Letter is only a reference number for the court.  You may have multiple cases but only one case number will appear on the letter. The amount intercepted will be applied to the case(s) on which monies are owed.  

What if the case number reference on the Tax Intercept Program letter has a balance more than what is owed on the case?

The court will apply any amount over what is owed on the case to any other open case(s) for the defendant.  If all cases are paid in full, the overage will be refunded
to you. 

What  if I have a financial hardship and desperately need my tax refund money?

Contact AllianceOne at (877) 541-8420. The collection representative will conduct
a financial evaluation and forward a recommendation to the designated authority to approve or deny.  You will be notified of the decision within 5 days of reporting the hardship.