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To modify your listing, add information about your continuing education, or change the types of cases you wish to serve, please fill out this form:

Panel Member Update Sheet (Local Court Form ADR-203). 

This form is fillable online.  You can print it out and fax it to (925) 957-5787, or save to your computer and email as an attachment to:  ADRWEB@contracosta.courts.ca.gov.

Continuing Education Requirements

Local Court Rules,  Rule 3.201(c)(3) requires that Panel Members attend at least four hours of continuing education or training related to the practice of mediation. At least 2 hour(s) of that education or training must address ethics, fairness, and bias issues and 1 hour must address practice and ethical issues that arise when parties are not represented by an attorney in the mediation context. You must meet the continuing education requirements of this rule every three years following appointment as a mediator to the court ADR panel.

Mediation Training Requirements

If you were appointed to the panel after January 1, 2006  you must have completed an initial 40-hour comprehensive mediation training program that encompasses commonly recognized mediation principles and practices including: confidentiality, voluntary participation, communicating clearly, listening effectively, facilitating communication among all participants, promoting exploration of mutually acceptable settlement options, and conducting oneself in a neutral manner.  Or, you may provide satisfactory evidence of sufficient alternative education, training, skills and experience.  See Local Rule 3.201(c) for further details.

If you were appointed prior to 2006 and you have recently completed a 40 hour course you can add this information to your record by calling the ADR Program at (925) 957-5787 or send an email to ADRWEB@contracosta.courts.ca.gov.

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