What if the Clerk Returns Your Forms Without Filing Them?

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A court clerk may return your court forms without filing them if you leave out a required form, or some information on a form, or if it's not clear what you are asking for.  

  • The clerk must enclose an Instruction Sheet that tells you what you need to do before the forms can be accepted for filing.
  • If you're not sure what needs to be done to solve the problem, you may want to
    talk to an attorney. For help in getting low-cost legal aid, click here. Opens new window

Sometimes, the forms will be returned to you with a request that you set a court hearing. This usually means that you are asking for something that the judge needs more information about.

  • If the court requests that you set a hearing ask how to do this. You will most likely need to give notice of the  hearing to your spouse or partner.
  • When you attend your hearing, be sure to bring anything the clerk's letter asks for, as well as your copies of all the forms you have prepared or received for your case.

NOTE:  For information about how to ask for a hearing in Contra Costa County, California, click here





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