Settling Your Case Without Going to Court

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Separation and divorce are really difficult, but most couples work through their issues one by one. They reach their own agreements about how they want to restructure their lives. 

If you are able to agree on your issues, you can often avoid having a court hearing by submitting your agreement as a stipulation Opens new window for the judge to review. You can do your divorce by mail.

If handling all of your issues on your own gets difficult, you can get help in working out an agreement that resolves all of your money, parenting, or other issues by:

  • Hiring a private mediator Opens new window who has experience helping people with these issues
  • Getting expert information from accountants, realtors, business evaluators or others
  • Working with a counselor or therapist to help you focus on your child's needs

To find private mediators in your area, you can:

  • look in the telephone directory
  • look on the Internet
  • ask a family law attorney or therapist

People without lawyers can start with the Family Law Facilitator's office. Opens new window

If you live in Contra Costa County, California, you can contact the Contra Costa County Bar Association FLARE program. Opens new window






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