During a Divorce or Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnership Case

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If you and your spouse or partner (or either one of you on your own) have decided that you want to end your relationship, you can ask the court to give you a divorce (dissolution of marriage) or to dissolve your registered domestic partnership.

The court requires people to follow certain procedures in just the right way. For that reason, it is best that you follow each step listed below one at a time, and in the order they are listed.

If you are the one who will start the court case to get a divorce or dissolve your registered domestic partnership, you must:

First, read Starting a divorce case - how it works

Next, read About temporary orders

Then, follow these steps one at a time and in order:

Step 1: Get and complete the appropriate court forms

Step 2: File your court forms

Step 3: Give other side copies of your court forms

Step 4: Tell court that the forms were served

Step 5: Share information about what you own and what you owe

Step 6: Finish your divorce

A - Finish a 'True Default' Case

B - Finish a Default Case

C - Finish an Uncontested Case

D - Finish a Contested Case

Step 7: If you have a court hearing


For information about what happens after the judge signs the order (After you get Your Judgment), click here

At any time, you can:

  • Read answers for Frequently Asked Questions about divorce.
  • Read some general information about How Courts Work, click here.
  • Watch some videos with general information about how California's court system works, click here.
  • Watch some short videos with information on "Paperwork Basics" (forms), "Service of Process" and "Tips on Going to Court", click here.




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