Discovery Facilitator Program

In an attempt to avoid protracted, costly and unnecessary discovery disputes, effective February 11, 2013, the following Departments are requiring parties to participate in the Discovery Facilitator Program prior to filing a motion in Court to compel discovery, unless the judge specifically orders otherwise:


Department 9 – Hon. Judith Craddick

Department 17 – Hon. Barry Goode

Department 21 – Hon. Jill Fannin

Department 34 - Hon. George V. Spanos


Department 14 – Hon. John H. Sugiyama

Department 15 – Hon. Susanne M. Fenstermacher (Probate cases only)


Please email your request for Discovery Facilitator to:

Discovery Facilitators are experienced attorneys who are volunteering their time to assist the Court in resolving these disputes. There is no cost for participation in the Program.

To review the Program Policies and Procedures click here for the Local Court Rules and scroll down to 3.300 and 3.301.


  • Request For Assignment of Discovery Facilitator
    Local Court Form (ADR-610)
  • Finding of Non-Compliance
    Local Court Form (ADR-614)
  • Notice of Termination of Appointment of Discovery Facilitator
    Local Court Form (ADR-615)
  • Recommendations of Discovery Facilitator and Termination of Appointment of Discovery Facilitator
    Local Court Form (ADR-616)
  • Rejection of Assigned Discovery Facilitator
    Local Court Form (ADR-617)
  • Notice to Deponent and Deposition Officer
    Local Court Form (ADR-618)

If you'd like to serve as a Discovery Facilitator, please fill out the ADR-601 Discovery Facilitator Application.

If you have finished your discovery facilitation and would like to provide input to assist in improving the program, please complete this Survey