Private Dispute Resolution Services in Contra Costa County, California

Dispute resolution programs can try to help you "mediate" or work out problems instead of going to court, so you may not need a lawyer.

Resolving Disputes Together Opens new window 
The Center for Human Development, based in Pleasant Hill, has a Conflict Resolution Program that uses expert staff to help families, neighbors, organizations and businesses to diffuse anger and resolve disputes without costly legal action.  Anyone who lives or works in Contra Costa County is eligible.  For individuals, fees are determined by a sliding scale based on household income.

Congress of Neutrals Opens new window 
The Congress of Neutrals, based in Walnut Creek, offers a full spectrum of conflict resolution services to the citizens and community organizations of the San Francisco East Bay. Its leadership ensures that people have the tools they need to respond to litigation, crime, family problems and community and neighborhood disputes.

Family Law Alternative Resolution Program (FLARe) Opens new window
The Contra Costa County Bar Association's FLARe program can help resolve family law matters through mediation.  This program uses qualified attorneys to listen to both parties, and hopefully resolve their family law dispute. It is less expensive, less stressful, and less time consuming than going to court.

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