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A "court-appointed temporary judge" is an attorney who has satisfied the requirements for appointment listed in California Rules of Court  2.812, and has been appointed by the court to serve as a temporary judge in a courtroom.

Parties might encounter a temporary judge if:

  • The court has appointed a temporary judge to hear their case on the date they have their court appearance.
  • Parties have decided they want to have a temporary judge hear just their case (NOTE: This is a local court program, and it is only available in limited and unlimited jurisdiction civil cases.) 

You can get more information on temporary judge programs in the Contra Costa Superior Court by clicking on the links below:

Requirements to serve as a Temporary Judge

Temporary Judge Application

Joining Contra Costa's Temporary Judge Panel:

Effective January 1, 2007, California Rules of Court, Rule 2.810  established new and more rigorous training and qualification requirements for attorneys wishing to serve as temporary judges.

To qualify, attorneys must have been active members of the California State Bar, in good standing, for at least 10 years before appointment. There cannot be any pending disciplinary actions, and the individual must not have pled guilty or no contest to a felony, or have a felony conviction that has not been reversed. He or she must satisfy all education and training requirements established by the state, as well as any other conditions that the individual court may require. Mandated training elements include a 3-hour in-person course on judicial demeanor (provided by a court) together with an online training course in related judicial demeanor and ethical issues.

Attorneys must also take one or more online training courses provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts, depending on the substantive areas of law they wish to hear.

Depending on case type, there may also be additional training, education, or experience requirements to serve in Contra Costa county. For more information on this program, click here



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