Step 7: If You Have a Court Hearing

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Many people do their divorce entirely by mail and never go to the courthouse. 

Although using the mail saves you the time of attending a court hearing, it may take several weeks or months before you get the Judgment (Form FL-180) back. Also, if the court rejects your request because your forms were not completed properly, you may face more delays if you have to either change something on your forms or schedule a court hearing. To learn some of the reasons that the court may not file your forms, click here.

Reasons for a Court Hearing:

You may have a few issues that you cannot resolve yourselves and you want a judge to make those decisions for you. Or, the judge may have a few questions about your settlement that he or she wants answered before signing your final judgment. Or, you may simply want your judgment forms reviewed by a judge at a court hearing.

NOTE: If you are requesting a "Judgment of Nullity of Marriage or Domestic Partnership", there will always be a hearing which you must attend.

To view a short video called “Tips on Going to Court”, click here. Opens new window

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a court hearing is scheduled, you have to attend it.

In this section you will find information about:

Even after the final court hearing, the case is not done. Please go to After You Get Your Judgment.

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