You will need a copy of the English-language Judicial Council form DV-700 to follow these instructions. Also:

Filling out the Caption on your form

Leave Blank. The clerk will stamp this area when the form is filed.
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF” – write the name of the County where you are filing your case. Click here for location of courts.
Case Number: Write in the case number.

Filling out the rest of your form

Request to Renew Restraining Order

This form lets you tell the judge that the restraining order you already have is about to run out (expire) and you want that order to stay in effect. If you fill out this form, you must also fill out Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order (Form DV-710) to schedule a court hearing to get the restraining order extended.

If the judge issues this court order, the current Restraining Order could be in effect forever.


Write the name of the person who wants protection from the court. This person is called the “Protected Person.” If he or she does not have an attorney, write the P.O. box or mailing address where court papers can be delivered to the Protected Person.

IMPORTANT! If you do not want others to know where you live, be sure to use a different address where you will just get mail.


Write the name of the person that you want the court to restrain (stop from doing something). This person is called the “Restrained Person.” Check the box next to M if the Restrained Person is a man (male), or Check the box next to F if this person is a woman (female). Write how tall the person is on the line next to “Ht.”. Write how much the person weighs on the line next to “Wt.”. Write the Restrained Person’s race, and write the color of his or her hair and eyes, age, and the date he or she was born on the next lines.


Answer each question here to tell which restraining order will be extended. Look at your copy (or copies) of the Restraining Order After Hearing (Form DV-130) to answer every question in this item.

  1. Write the date that you first got a permanent Restraining Order After Hearing.
  2. Write the date that your current restraining order ends (expires).
  3. Write the number of times that your Restraining Order After Hearing has been renewed.
  4. Write the number of years that you want this Restraining Order to last.
  5. This just tells you that you must attach your current Restraining Order (Form DV-130) to this form when you take it to the court for filing.


Write why you want the restraining order to last longer (be renewed). Check all the boxes that apply to your situation:

  1. Check this box if the Restrained Person has abused you or harassed you since the restraining order was issued and went into effect.
  2. Check this box if you want to renew the restraining order because you are still afraid of the Restrained Person.
  3. Check this box and write any other reasons you have for wanting the Restraining Order to last longer. If you need more room, use a separate sheet of paper. At the top of this page write, “DV-700, Item 4.” Then write your other reasons.

Write the date, then print, and sign your name. You are promising under penalty of perjury that everything you have written on this form is true and correct.

You must attach a copy of your current Restraining Order to this form and file this form with the court. If you fill out this form, you must also fill out a Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order (Form DV-710) to schedule a court hearing to get the Restraining Order extended.