What Forms are Attached to the Judgment to Ask for Child Custody and Visitation Orders?

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If you and your spouse or partner have children together who are younger than 18 years old, you have to make some decisions about your parenting responsibilities. For example, you have to decide how much time the children will spend with each parent, who will make the decisions about their health, education, and so on.

Child Custody and Visitation Order Attachment (Form FL-341

  • Notice that there's a difference between:
    • Legal custody (the person who makes decisions about health, education, etc.),
    • Physical custody (how much time the child spends in the physical care of each parent), and
    • Joint custody (the parents sharing their parental responsibilities).  (Note that joint custody does not neessarily mean 50/50.  It means that the child spends significant time with each parent.) 

There are California Family Codes which spell out what the law says is in the best interest of children. For this reason, the Judicial Council has created some forms to help people make parenting agreements that follow these laws. You don't have to use these forms, but they could help.

  • Supervised Visitation Order (Form FL-341(A))
  • Child Abduction Prevention Orders Attachment (Form FL-341(B))
  • Children's Holiday Schedule Attachment (Form FL-341(C)
  • Additional Provisions – Physical Custody Attachment (Form FL-341(D)
  • Joint Legal Custody Attachment (Form FL-341(E)

For more information about Child Custody and Visitation, please go to the Child Custody section on this website.




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