Details to Consider After the Divorce is Final

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After the judgment ending your marriage or registered domestic partnership is signed and served, and your divorce or dissolution of registered domestic partnership is final:

  • Each spouse or partner should consider whether he or she wants to change the beneficiary's name on his or her will or life insurance policy.
  • Any credit card accounts that list both spouses or partners probably should be closed and new ones opened in each name alone.
  • Employers need to be informed when the marriage or domestic partnership ended so each person can change his or her income tax withholding status, or the name of the beneficiary for any employee benefits. The employer will then send information to the former spouse or partner about what it will cost him or her to continue to be covered by health insurance the employer has previously provided.
  • If support is to be paid by wage assignment, a filed copy of the wage assignment is to be sent to the payroll department of the paying person's employer.
  • If you were on your former spouse's or partner's health insurance, his or her employer may be required to give you the option of continuing this insurance at your own expense. These are called COBRA benefits and may be something you want to look into.

NOTE: If you want to continue these benefits at your own expense, you only have 60 days from the date of the Judgment, so you have to move quickly or you will lose your rights. 


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