Worksheet for Determining Community Obligations and
Division of Obligations

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This worksheet is divided into two sections.

  • In the section to the left of the double line, "Worksheet For Determining Community Obligations," list all of the community debts (debts incurred during marriage).
  • In the section to the right of the double line, "Worksheet For Determining Division of Obligations," you and your spouse need to determine who will pay each debt.

The worksheet breaks down who will be responsible for debts incurred during marriage so that a fair division of debts can be made. (Do NOT include car loans in this worksheet.)

Download Community Obligations Worksheet

Left Side:  Community Obligations

On this side of the worksheet include any debt you took on while you were living together as husband and wife. List the amount you owe on the items from your Worksheet For Determining Community Property. Then add all other debts and bills including loans, charge accounts, medical bills, and taxes you owe.

  • Item: List any stereo equipment, appliances, furniture, student loans, etc. that either you or your spouse bought on credit or through loans. The items listed must be purchased during your marriage. If you need more room to list all items, you can attach an additional page.
  • Account Number: Write either the entire or partial account numbers of any items listed.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you file your forms, your divorce becomes a public record.
    This means anyone can view your documents if they go to the court file unit. Protect yourself. Do not list full account numbers, social security numbers, etc. List just enough information so it is clear to you and your spouse what accounts you mean.
  • Amount Owed: Write how much money is owed for the item listed.
  • TOTAL: In this column put your total community debt.
    • If the total debt is more than $6,000, you cannot file for Summary Dissolution. You have to get a regular divorce.
    • If the total debt is $6,000 or less then you can file for Summary Dissolution. Then you need to complete the remaining section of this worksheet.

Right Side:  Division of Obligations

A double line is drawn down the middle of the page. To the right of this double line indicate who will pay the balance owed for each item.

  • Wife Will Pay: If the debt will be paid by wife, write the amount owed for the debt in this column.
  • Husband Will Pay: If the debt will be paid by husband, write the amount owed for the debt in this column.
  • TOTAL: Write in each column how much debt is the wife's portion and how much debt is the husband's portion. 


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