When Your Summary Dissolution (Divorce) is Final

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You must wait six months and one day from the date you filed your Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution with the court before your divorce is final.  After the waiting period, the court will mail to you the completed form you filed earlier, which a judge has now signed:

  • Request for Judgment, Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, and Notice of Entry of Judgment (Form FL-820) Opens new window

NOTE: There may be regional differences in the way courts finalize Summary Dissolutions.  If you do not live in Contra Costa County, California, you may want to check with your local court to learn that court's procedures.

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On the day the Request for Final Judgment forms are mailed to you:

  • your marriage is ended;
  • the agreements you made in the Property Settlement Agreement are binding (you will then own the property assigned to you, and you will have to pay the bills assigned to you);
  • except for those agreements, you have no further obligations to each other;
  • you are legally free to re-marry.

There may be more details for you to consider.  For a list of some of these, click here. 


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