Start Your Summary Dissolution

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If you are reasonably sure that your marriage can be ended by Summary Dissolution, as described in California Family Code, Section 2400, Opens new window  you can start your legal process by filling out a court form.

The form to use is:

  • Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution of Marriage (Form FL-800) Opens new window
    See the instructions Opens new window for this form.

Both you and your spouse have to sign the Joint Petition, and attach to it the worksheets you did earlier:

  • Worksheet for Determining Value and Division of Community Property;
  • Worksheet for Determining Value of Separate Property; and
  • Worksheet for Determining Community Obligations, and Division of Obligations.

There's one more attachment to complete before you file your Joint Petition with the court. That is your Property Settlement Agreement.

To learn how to complete this Agreement, click here.


  • These forms are available at courthouses for a small fee, may be found in many libraries or in bookstores.
  • You may also find these in our forms section of this website.  You may either download and print the form, or fill it out on your computer and then print it out.
  • The forms are editable PDF documents (meaning you can fill them out online). To open a PDF document you must have Adobe Reader. If you do not have this program on your computer, you can download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Opens new window
  • These forms will open in a new window. When you have printed out each form, please close that window and continue on this site.  For information about how to use fillable forms, click here. Opens new window



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