What is Search Relevance
Search Relevance

Search relevance is a score that Community Enterprise assigns to documents, during a search, relating to the accuracy of the document retrieved in search results relative to the search word(s) that where submitted by the user in the search request.       

Effecting Higher Document Relevance

Documents have higher search relevance scores if they have targeted search word(s) appearing in the document title or high up inside the first paragraphs of the document. Another factor contributing to search score is the number of times the targeted search word(s) appears inside the document.

High, Medium and Low Search Relevance designations.

Community Enterprise assigns a document relevance of High to documents that have a higher level of relevance score. Medium relevance score means the document falls between the highest and the lowest documents scoring range. If a document has no relevance score label it means that document was not either medium or high in relevance but was retrieved by the search process.